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Signature Lacrosse – Official Ball at the National Championships

Ottawa, ON—The Canadian Lacrosse Association has announced a partnership with Signature Lacrosse, who will be the official supplier of lacrosse balls at the national championships.

Signature Premium Lacrosse balls will be exclusively used in the Canadian National Championships, as part of a multi-year deal. For signature, this continues a tradition of getting quality equipment into the hands and sticks of many of the world’s best players.

Daniel Soviero, CEO of Signature, noted, “We are very proud to partner with the CLA, and Canadian Lacrosse in general. Obviously we have immense respect for the lacrosse talent in Canada, as well as what the CLA has done to promote the sport we all love, and we are extremely excited to have our premium balls selected for use in the National Championships for all divisions. Great players and teams deserve the safest and most consistent gear, especially for championship play, and we’d like to thank the CLA for making this happen.”

Terry Rowland of the CLA remarked, “We constantly strive to ensure our players have access to the best possible equipment, and partnering with Signature helps ensure this goal. Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls are one of the best, and we look forward to getting them into use with the top Canadian players.”

“There’s no feeling quite like being accepted by the birthplace of lacrosse,” said Signature’s Director of Sourcing & Retail sales, Brian Bohn. “We’ve put a lot of sweat and effort into making the best products we possibly can, and into making constant improvements to lacrosse gear, so it’s quite an honor to see that work pay off with CLA recognition. Our mission is to get our premium balls into every arena and field, and to make the game better for all players. Partnering with the CLA is a big step towards that goal, and we’re very grateful to the Canadian Lacrosse Association.”

About Signature Lacrosse “For the Players, By the Players”

Signature revolutionized lacrosse with the launch of their Premium Balls in 2014, using their proprietary natural rubber formula to create a ball that was safer, longer lasting, and far more consistent in quality than lacrosse had ever seen. Regulatory bodies quickly moved to adopt the standards set by these new balls, and Signature has expanded its product line to try and improve lacrosse equipment across the board. Signature Premiums are also the official ball of the National Lacrosse League, World Lacrosse, and used by most top collegiate teams. Signature heads, mesh, and shafts have been quickly adopted by top professionals and collegiate players, due to their use of only highest quality materials and designs. The Signature Foundation is a non-profit entity with the aim of growing the sport, and enabling all players to have the best possible playing experience.

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